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Hockey 101 LogoOccurs when a player shoots the puck from their side of center across the opponents goal line and the puck remains untouched. When icing occurs, a linesman stops play. Play is resumed with a faceoff in the defending zone of the team that committed the infraction.

Icing occurs when the puck is shot from behind the center line, over the opponent's goal line and the puck remains untouched. Icing is called to prevent a team from unnecessarily delaying the game.

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Hockey 101 LogoOccurs when an attacking player enters in to the offensive zone before the puck enters the zone. When offsides occur, the linesman blows his whistle and a faceoff takes place just outside the blue line where it occured.

The purpose of the offside rule is to prevent an attacking player from waiting in front of the opponent's goal for a long pass from a teammate, giving him an easier chance to score.

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There are 3 types of penalties that can be called during a game; minor penalties, major penalties and misconduct penalties.

Select from the list below to learn more about each type of penalty and learn six common penalties.


Hockey 101 LogoThis is the most common penalty called. A minor penalty results in the penalized player sitting out for 2 minutes. If a goal is scored by the opposing team during that time, the penalized player may leave the penalty box, and the penalty is over.


Hockey 101 LogoMajor penalties are generally the same infractions as minor penalties, only to a higher, more severe degree. Major penalties result in the penalized player sitting in the penalty box for 5 minutes. Regardless if a goal is scored, he must remain there for the entire 5 minutes.


Hockey 101 LogoIn the event of misconduct penalties to any players except the goalkeeper, the players shall be ruled off the ice for a period of 10 minutes each. A substitute player is permitted to immediately replace a player serving a misconduct penalty. A player whose misconduct penalty has expired shall remain in the penalty box until the next stoppage of play.


Hockey 101 LogoHitting an opponent above the shoulder with your stick


Hockey 101 LogoUsing your stick in a hook like manner to impede the forward progress of an opposing player.


Hockey 101 LogoUsing your hands to physically grab an opponent or his/her equipment.


Hockey 101 LogoUsing your stick or any part of your body to trip an opponent.


Hockey 101 LogoImpeding the progress of an opponent who does not have possession of the puck.


Hockey 101 LogoWhen a player intentionally delays the game in any way including but not limited to shooting the puck out of play in their defensive zone.

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