Learn more about the positions played in the sport of hockey.

Each team is allowed to have a total of 6 players on the ice. Three forwards, 2 defenseman and 1 goalie comprise a team's lineup.

On the image below, dark red indicates where the center lines up, blue indicates where the defenseman line up, green indicates where the right and left wingers line up and dark blue indicates the goalie's position. Now that you're ready for face off, it's time to scroll down and learn more about the individual positions.


Playing behind the forwards, the main objectives of a defenseman is to stop the opposition from attacking, and defend their own goal.


Playing between the right and left wingers, a center mans main job is to win face-offs. The center generally leads the wingers out of the defensive zone in what is called a breakout, and leads the attack in to the offensive zone.


As forward positions, the right and left wingers play on either side of the center. Their main objective is to create scoring opportunities in front of the opposing team's net by battling in the corners.


It is the goalie's job to protect the net to ensure no pucks cross the goal line. The goalie can do this utilizing almost any means necessary including kicking it, catching it, grabbing it and batting it out of the way. The goalie generally plays the entire game and rarely comes out of the designated area, known as the crease.

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