Details & FAQ

  • Why announce the logo change now? The logo change is emblematic of our entire brand and business transformation. It stands for who we aspire to become. As we begin to make our vision a reality, this logo will stand the test of time.

    Additionally, normally we see teams make these changes in the middle of the off-season while nothing is going on with the team. We like the idea of getting the logo in front of our fans while they are focused on the team. We think fans will embrace it and look forward to wearing it proudly.
  • What's wrong with the current logo? Wasn't it just introduced a few years ago? Yes, the current logo debuted for the 2007-08 season, but we were looking for a simpler, more traditional, iconic design that would stand the test of time. We like the two color system and the simplicity of the new mark.

    We also found when studying the current mark that the black eats the blue and the silver turns gray in most applications and on television.
  • Isn't this just another logo change by a new ownership to make money selling merchandise? The season ticket holder jersey concept should help disprove that theory. We are going out of our pockets for thousands of jerseys. And please note, we intend on owning and managing the team for a long time and this logo won't be changed again.
  • Will the logo be worn this season? Due to production needs and timing, the team will continue to wear the current jerseys for the remainder of this season, and hopefully, the playoffs. We will be able to bring the new logo to life in other ways, including our television broadcasts on our website and in the game presentation. We look forward to sharing it with our fans in as many ways as possible.
  • When will the new jerseys go on sale? There is no exact date set for sale yet, but they will be available sometime near the start of the 2011-12 NHL season.
  • What will happen to the "Bolts" third jersey? We still have the option to wear the third jersey moving forward if we so choose. The jersey would need some minor alterations (ie shoulder patch) if we elect to move forward with it, but the blue jersey with the white B-O-L-T-S lettering would remain as is.
  • Will there be a free jersey for every season ticket holder? Yes, every full season ticket holder will get the home jersey with a microchip. If a single account holder maintains four seats, he or she will get four jerseys.
  • Does anyone else have the microchip concept? We believe the Lightning will be the first team to introduce a micro chipped jersey like ours. We aim to create a first rate experience for our season ticket holders and offer them unmatched benefits and perks for being the prime stakeholders and supporters of the Lightning team. Substantial in-arena discounts are just the first step in developing those tangible benefits.

    We hope an added benefit for everyone will be the great in-arena look and feel at our home games: All of our season ticket holders wearing the same jerseys and having the same look as our team on the ice when they step on the ice. We hope create an unmatched fan experience at our games and this is one step in doing that.
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